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4 Tech Trends Improving Gaming Experience in 2020

Published on : June 23, 2020
4 Tech Trends Improving Gaming Experience in 2020

 It is amazing how gaming technology has evolved over the years. Up-and-coming advances in technology are revolutionizing the user experience (UX) and changing the way people interact with games. Such advances are pretty sophisticated and are blurring the lines between our reality and the virtual world.

Augmented reality is expanding gaming capabilities and creating a dynamic UX. Augmented reality technology works when a games’ visual and audio components interact and combine with objects in a gamer’s environment simultaneously. The gamer’s existing environment is exploited and used as a playing field. Objects in the gamer’s space are merged with the virtual environment which creates an interesting and interactive experience. This helps the player to feel immersed in the virtual world and in a sense, transported into the game itself. It is exciting to note that many games with these features can be played right from the phone. Check out 50 of the best-augmented reality games to start playing today. read more
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