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New Course

New Course

Advanced Certificate in Digital Art

Art Essentials

The Art Essentials foundation modules focuses on developing the core fundamentals of Art, which are the building blocks to any successful career in Art and Design. A strong synergy between a solid foundation in Art and an understanding of the Design Process helps to prepare students for the advanced modules.

Course Outline

·         Introduction to Photoshop

·         1-Point Perspective 

·         2-Point Perspective

·         Painting a Sphere

·         Drawing Cylinders, Cones and Spheres

·         Drawing and Painting from Observation

·         Color Theory

·         Introduction to the Design Process

·         Thumbnailing for Landscape

·         Final Drawing/Presentation


Product Design

This module gives the student a comprehensive understanding of advanced techniques and design aesthetics for a successful career in Design. This will enable students to envision and build any object in 3d space. By the end of the module, they will have the capability to design a product and it’s packaging, as well as the ability to present and pitch their designs.


Course Outline

·         Understanding Form

·         Introduction to Anatomy

·         Painting a Simplified Figure

·         The Human Skeleton

·         Muscles

·         Material Study

·         Advanced Perspective: Drawing Objects in 3D Space

·         Product Design Project - Setting Up a Moodboard

·         Product Design Project - Thumbnails

·         Product Design Project - Final Design

·         Product Design Project - Final Presentation

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